We are the Organic Alcohol Company (OAC) based out of Ashland, Oregon.

OAC provides the most premium spirits to a variety of folks in different industries like perfumers, bitters-makers, herbalists, cannabis extraction, and skincare, to name a few. If you have a need for high-proof, pure ethyl alcohol, we offer a variety of products in a range of sizes. Not only do we pride ourselves on having the best quality alcohol, but we also have great customer service and knowledgeable staff.

As a small company, we were built on a foundation of community, valuing interactions with customers and learning about what they do. We give gratitude to all the educators making and sharing their craft. We would like to extend our reach and spread the message about using organic ingredients in all products and medicines.

Our OAC Educational program’s goal is to spread the word about OAC products and assist educational institutes, teachers, and their students gain access to the very best alcohol (at a discount).


Join us and you will receive:

  • Product Information Sheets so you can get to know the alcohol (and which is best for you)
  • 20% Discount Code for you the educator
  • 10% Discount Code to share with your students 
  • Access to discounted samples and special promotions

All we ask is to spread the good word about OAC, follow us on social, and tag us on any of your social posts featuring our alcohol! We will share your posts too, allowing for more visibility for us both! Win-win!

Want even more discounts and samples?

We hope you enjoy our products and want to share them with everyone. If you are in need of some more OAC love, here are a few more ways to engage and receive an even better discount and more samples. Keep sharing and tagging us in your social media posts, the more the better!

  • Send us any of your publications with mention of OAC products to marketing@organicalcohol.com
  • Send us more educators! If you know of fellow educators, send them our way (ask them to mention you when they fill out our form)!

Some things to note

For this to work, we count on you to spread the news and be a true OA insider. Please note this program is for educators in various industries (we are always surprised at the creativity!). While we don’t discriminate about what creative craft you do, this program is for educators and we ask for honesty that you are in fact engaged in teaching folks a process in which high-proof alcohol is used. We do reserve the right to not honor discount codes if criteria are not met.

Please use codes correctly as specified above and do not give out your educational code (these will be checked at order processing), incorrect use may result in discounts not being honored. Discount codes cannot be combined with other promotional discounts, coupons, sale items, special pricing, or previously purchased orders, and do not include Shipping or Federal Tax.

Samples will be sent via the best carrier method, and cannot be sent to a PO box. We cannot guarantee the requested sample type, but we will try to honor sample requests with inventory available.

****Must be 21+ to participate! ****

Now you know what’s up, here is the last step!

Complete this form to see if you qualify!