Residents in Idaho must obtain an 'ETHYL ALCOHOL PERMIT APPLICATION (OVER 151 PROOF)' from Idaho State Liquor Division.

The form must be renewed yearly.

Customers, please send a Purchase Order of the intended product purchase to the Idaho State Liquor Division. They will approve the purchase and send a SPECIAL ALCOHOL PERMIT.

The customer will send a copy to Organic Alcohol Company and will be able to make a purchase.

If the customer already has a permit please send a copy of the permit along with an Invoice from Organic Alcohol Company to


Please allow time for this process. The process can take 7-14 business days.

Once you receive your permit from Idaho State Liquor Division, upload the permit to your account on the Organic Alcohol Company website. Your order will then be processed.

For more information:

If you already HAVE a permit and would like to upload it to your account, please use the form below. Please check that permit is active and the most current version.

Some states require licensing or permitting to purchase industrial alcohol.

Our organic 190-proof alcohol is both food and pharmaceutical grade, which can require permits from either the state revenue department, the alcoholic beverage control in your state, or sometimes both (dependent on state classification).

Some states will require a simple one-page approval letter, while others may require an application that is a little more in-depth. To remain compliant for our customers and ourselves, we try to provide our customers with as up-to-date information as possible for their state. Due to frequent changes in state permitting laws and procedures, we can't guarantee that our information is 100% up to date. Please review your state information and apply for all permitting needed. Once customers have appropriate permitting, we require copies to be sent to us with each order.

This state-by-state information is for permits for purchasing our alcohol for industrial use. If you intend to use our alcohol for beverage uses, alternate or additional permitting may apply. Please contact your state for further information.
Please note that orders may be processed, but will not be shipped until proper permitting is submitted. If you have questions feel free to contact us in the office at (541) 201-1050.
At Organic Alcohol Company, we do everything we can to be aware of and to educate our customers on state and federal requirements for the legal purchase of our products. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to be in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.
If you have any further questions, please contact us at or check out our FAQ.